How to select the right hot water system

hot water heaters

Hot water systems (also known as hot water heaters, hot water services or hot water units) provide your home or office with hot water. It’s important to choose the correct hot water system for your application to enjoy those steamy showers and instant hot water needs.

We can help you select the right hot water system for your home – and we even offer a free quoting service whereby we can come to your place and determine the correct system for you. Some factors to consider when choosing the right hot water system include:

  • What type of energy can you use (gas, solar, electric etc)
  • What size system do you need (this depends on numerous factors such as number of bathrooms, number of householders etc)
  • Space considerations for indoors and outdoors – this will help you determine where your system should be installed around your home or office
  • Features required such as temperature controls, warranty etc.


hot water heaters

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